Bobber Parts

Our Bobber Parts feature a unique old school look! We manufacture a wide range of brass bobber parts for a true nostalgic look that will make your custom motorcycle unique.

The bobber style was born in the 1940’s and 50’s and was started by returning World War II soldiers, who were customizing ex-military motorcycles. Bobbers were motorcycles that had no front fenders and “bobbed” rear fenders in order to achieve a lighter weight. The bobber style was inspired by lighter European motorcycles the returning soldiers had seen and ridden during the war. Bobbers were the very first custom motorcycles in history, they were often homemade and reflected their owners’ personality.

Our Bobber Parts are inspired by these unique custom motorcycles, but are manufactured with the latest technologies to guarantee the highest quality and safety needed on a modern motorcycle.

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Bobber Parts – List

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Bobber Hand Controls:

Bobber Throttle Assembly:

Bobber Grips:

Bobber Risers:

Bobber Jockey Shift:

Bobber Mirrors:

Bobber Speedo:

Bobber Forward Controls:

Bobber Mid Controls:

Bobber Foot Pegs:

Bobber Kickstand:

Bobber Air Cleaner Cover:

Bobber Choke Knob:

Bobber Petcock and Carburetor Accessories:

Bobber Top Motor Mount:

Bobber Coil Bracket / Coil Cover:

Bobber Gas Caps:

Bobber Oil Tank Plug:

Bobber Headlight:

Bobber Tail Lights:

Bobber Turn Signals:

Bobber Triple Trees:

Bobber Swingarm:

Bobber Fender:

Bobber Wheel Spinner, Wheels and Spoke Nipples:

Bobber Sprocket Rotor / Sprotor:

Bobber Pulley-Rotor Kit:

Bobber Brake Drum:

Bobber Brake Rotors:

Bobber Brake Calipers:

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