Challenger Brass Velocity Stack


Challenger velocity stacks provide great air flow. Machined out of billet aluminum and brass for a unique look! Velocity stack and front cover are available in different finishes, so you can get the custom look and color combination that best matches the style of your bike. Mounting kit included.

Challenger Brass Velocity Stacks look great combined with our Retro Cast Aluminum Hand Controls, Custom Hand Controls, Black and Brass De Luxe Retro Motorcycle Hand Controls, De Luxe Retro Motorcycle Hand ControlsVintage Motorcycle Grips, Male Vintage Motorcycle PegsBrass Gas Caps for Stock TanksJuicer Custom Motorcycle Headlight, Alcatraz Brass Motorcycle Headlights, Alcatraz Motorcycle Tail Lights and Juicer Brass LED Tail Lights.

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[…] Challenger Brass Velocity Stacks […]

[…] Challenger Brass Velocity Stacks […]

[…] Challenger Brass Velocity Stacks […]

[…] Challenger Brass Velocity Stacks […]

I am from Australia in Queensland and am currently working out parts for a custom softtail project I will start rolling out in the next 6 mths..
I really hoping you could help me in regards to the chrome/ brass velocity stacks.
I wanted to ask how I would go about getting a dual one instead of a single one.
My plan is to also use the chrome/ brass
Headlight, forward controls and hand controls levers etc..
Kind regards

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ motorcycle velocity stacks.

Sorry, but we do not make one-off parts.
Everything we offer is listed on the website.

Thank you.

Eurocomponents, Inc.
1368 North US 1 – Suite 402
Ormond Beach, FL 32174 (USA)
Phone 386-868-0696

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