280 / 300 Tire Swingarm Conversion Kits for 2008-11 Rocker’s


Our 280 / 300 tire motorcycle swingarm kits are bolt on replacements for the stock 2008-11 Harley Rocker swing arms and they enable you to mount a 280 or 300 tire on your stock Twin Cam Rocker without doing any modifications to the frame.

These 280 / 300 tire motorcycle swingarm kits can be installed only in conjunction with a 20mm secondary belt and can fit up to 10.5” wide rims. Thanks to this innovative wide swingarm you will be able to mount a super-wide rear tire, without any modifications to your stock frame, still keeping front and rear wheels properly lined up for safe riding and great handling.

Our 280 / 300 tire motorcycle swingarm kits for 2008-11 Rocker’s are available for:

  • Harley-Davidson OEM rear brake calipers
  • aftermarket rear brake calipers
  • pulley-brake kits

Kit includes swingarm, axles and all necessary components for the primary offset.

NOTE: kit does not include belt, wheels, rear pulley, brake calipers, rotors, tires or rear fender.

Our 280 / 300 Tire Swingarm Kits work perfectly with our:

– Bat Wheels, Bat Pulleys and Bat Rotors
– Titan Wheels, Titan Pulleys and Titan Rotors
– Cyclone Wheels, Cyclone Pulleys and Cyclone Rotors
– Cobra Wheels, Cobra Pulleys and Cobra Rotors
– Magnum Wheels, Magnum Pulleys and Magnum Rotors
– Blank Wheels and Blank Pulleys
3D Lowrider Wheels, Lowrider Pulleys and Lowrider Rotors
3D Open Mind Wheels, Open Mind Pulleys and Open Mind Rotors

► Wide tire swingarm conversion kit for Harley’s – mounting instructions

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