280 / 300 Tire Swingarm Conversion Kits for 2008-11 Rocker’s


Our 280 / 300 tire motorcycle swingarm kits are bolt on replacements for the stock 2008-11 Harley Rocker swing arms and they enable you to mount a 280 or 300 tire on your stock Twin Cam Rocker without doing any modifications to the frame.

These 280 / 300 tire motorcycle swingarm kits can be installed only in conjunction with a 20mm secondary belt and can fit up to 10.5” wide rims. Thanks to this innovative wide swingarm you will be able to mount a super-wide rear tire, without any modifications to your stock frame, still keeping front and rear wheels properly lined up for safe riding and great handling.

Our 280 / 300 tire motorcycle swingarm kits for 2008-11 Rocker’s are available for:

  • Harley-Davidson OEM rear brake calipers
  • aftermarket rear brake calipers
  • pulley-brake kits

Kit includes swingarm, axles and all necessary components for the primary offset.

NOTE: kit does not include belt, wheels, rear pulley, brake calipers, rotors, tires or rear fender.

Our 280 / 300 Tire Swingarm Kits work perfectly with our:

– Bat Wheels, Bat Pulleys and Bat Rotors
– Titan Wheels, Titan Pulleys and Titan Rotors
– Cyclone Wheels, Cyclone Pulleys and Cyclone Rotors
– Cobra Wheels, Cobra Pulleys and Cobra Rotors
– Magnum Wheels, Magnum Pulleys and Magnum Rotors
– Blank Wheels and Blank Pulleys
3D Lowrider Wheels, Lowrider Pulleys and Lowrider Rotors
3D Open Mind Wheels, Open Mind Pulleys and Open Mind Rotors

► Wide tire swingarm conversion kit for Harley’s – mounting instructions

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Blog Comments

Hi I’m looking to buy 280/300 conversion kit for my Harley davidson rocker c 2008 how much is it to be sent to Melbourne Australia
And how long b4 it can be shipped

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ wide tire swingarms for Rockers!

Yes, we ship to Australia via DHL.
Shipping charges are USD 320.00

Swingarms are made on order.
We can have it ready in 4 weeks from date of order / 50% deposit.

Please let us know if we can be of further help.
Thank you.

Eurocomponents, Inc.
1368 North US 1 – Suite 402
Ormond Beach, FL 32174 (USA)
Phone 386-868-0696

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