Internal Twist Clutch Device for Left Side Grips


This internal twist clutch device fits inside any 1″ motorcycle handlebars and the clutch cable will be routed inside the handlebars for a super-clean look. Our internal twist clutch device is identical to our internal throttle device, but it features a reversed spiral, so it can be operated with your left side grip to pull a cable. The internal twist clutch must be used in conjunction with our Master Cylinder with Lever or Master Cylinder with Lever and Billet Reservoir. Our Internal Twist Clutch Device works perfectly with our 3D Internal Throttle Grips, Chopper Grips, Super Smooth Chrome Motorcycle Grips, Knurled Brass Motorcycle Grips, Knurled Custom Motorcycle Grips and Vintage Motorcycle Grips.

internal twist clutch device for left side grips

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