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We offer several types of Motorcycle Hand Controls for Harley Davidson motorcycles (HD), custom choppers, bobbers and most custom motorcycles. Our Motorcycle Hand Controls are machined out of billet aluminum for strength and lightweight and are bolt-on replacements for your Harley levers. We now offer also forged aluminum Motorcycle Hand Controls for old school choppers and bobbers. Our billet throttle housings and custom switch buttons will complement our custom hand controls for a super clean look.

To view pictures and descriptions of our custom Motorcycle Hand Controls please click on the link below.

Motorcycle Hand Controls – List

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Look at your New 3D hand controls. Hydraulic clutch and front brake. Handle bar size 1″ running wires and lines internal. Also looking for 3 to 4 buttons on each side for up and down air ride bike is a 2017 roadking m8 motor. Also looking into your speedometer. Round style this is what I have to work with in size 50mm ID and 56mm OD let me know what you have available. Also controls could be aluminum finish. We will cerekote them.

Thanks in advance
Tom Lucky 7 custom cycles Cape Coral Florida location

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ motorcycle hand controls.

Sorry, but as written on the New 3D Hand Controls product page, these hand controls have been discontinued and are no longer available.
Our round speedometers are available only with a 48mm OD.

Thank you.

Eurocomponents, Inc.
Phone 386-868-0696

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