Parts Needed for V-Rod 330 Tire Conversion

Parts Needed for V-Rod 330 Tire Conversion

Since this is a frequent question we get from customers all over the World, here is a little guide about the parts you need to install a 330 tire on the rear of your Harley V-Rod, Night-Rod, Street-Rod and V-Rod Muscle.

First off, you will need a wider swingarm. We offer several styles of billet aluminum swingarms:

Secondly, you will need to offset the front pulley, so the belt can run straight to the rear pulley. For this you can use our Front Offset Pulley for V Rod’s or Front Pulley Offset Spacer for V-Rod’s for 330 Tires on 17×12.5 Wide Rims.

Of course you will need also a wider rear wheel. You can mount a 330 tire on a 17×12.5 rim.

If the budget is tight you can opt for our Blank Wheels for V-Rod’s, which feature a generic design and therefore will allow you to re-use the original Harley rear pulley and brake rotor.

If you are after a unique look you can check out our Cyclone Wheels for V-Rod’s, Bat Wheels for V-Rod’s, Magnum Wheels for V-Rod, Cobra Wheels for V-Rod’s, Titan Wheels for V-Rod’s, 3D Lowrider Wheels for V-Rod and 3D Open Mind Wheels for V-Rod. Matching front wheels, rear pulleys and brake discs are available to complete your project.

Of course you will need a 330 tire, which we do not offer, but you can get it online or at any motorcycle store near you.

Lastly, you will also need a wider rear fender to accommodate the wider wheel and tire.

For all V-Rod’s, Night-Rod’s, Street-Rod’s and V-Rod Muscle’s we offer these solo seat fenders:

If you want something really unique that will make heads turn, you may want to check out our Stealth Body Kit for V Rods.

Please note all fenders we offer are for solo riders, you cannot carry a passenger on them!
This is to allow you to relax, at least when you are riding 😀

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I like to know the prices of coverting my v rod

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ custom parts for V-Rod’s.

If you click on the parts names you will be directed to each individual product page, which shows prices for the different product finishes.
We do not have a complete 330 tire V-Rod swingarm conversion kit, but rather sell parts individually because of the many different design and finish combinations available.
Or if you tell us which parts you like and which finish you prefer, we can email you a quotation.

Thank you.

Eurocomponents, Inc.
Daytona Beach – FL – USA
Phone +1 386-868-0696

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