240 / 250 tire swingarm for v-rods 2002-05 black powder coated


This cast aluminum swingarm is a bolt-on replacement for the stock Harley V-Rod swingarm and will allow you to mount up to 240 or 250 tires on 18×8.5 or 18×9 rear wheels, still keeping front and rear wheel properly lined-up. Rear wheel will still be centered in the stock V-Rod frame for good handling and safe riding. Swingarm kit includes: extra-wide swingarm, wheel axle and caps, built-in 1” lowering kit and necessary hardware. This replacement for your stock Harley V-Rod swingarm fits only 2002-05 models. Installation on 2005 models will require mounting of a 2004 or earlier stock pivot tube, tapered roller bearings, caliper and caliper bracket (or aftermarket brake for up to 2004 models).

Please note that the OEM Harley 1-3/8 inch belt cannot fit for clearance reasons. You will either need to cut the stock belt to 1-1/8 inch or purchase a new narrower one (if needed we can give you info about these two options, just send us an e-mail).

NOTE: kit does not include front offset pulley, belt, wheels, rear pulley, brake calipers, rotors, tires or rear fender. Must be used with a 1-1/8 inch or narrower belt.

► Wide tire swingarm for V-Rod – mounting instructions

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240 / 250 TIRE SWINGARM FOR 2002-05 V-ROD’S

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 5 in