39mm Wide Glide Adjustable Triple Trees


These adjustable triple trees are bolt-on replacements for the stock Harley Dyna and Sportster triple trees. Of course these parts for Harley’s can fit custom choppers, bobbers and most custom motorcycles using a Sportster or Dyna type frame and 39mm fork tubes. These adjustable triple trees for Sportster and Dyna models can be set at +0°, +2°, +4°, +6°, +8°, +10° rake. These motorcycle adjustable triple trees feature a super smooth top tree with built-in fork tube caps and hidden steering stem for a unique and bold look. Black adjustable triple trees are available for customers that prefer the “dark look”. Wide Glide Wheel Axle & Spacers Conversion Kits are sold separately.

In order to retain the OEM Harley top-tree-mounted headlight you need to use our Headlight Mount for Top Tree Sportsters Headlight.

You can use it in conjunction with our Bottom Tree Headlight Mount and install one of our custom motorcycle headlights:
Juicer Motorcycle Headlight
3D Cobra Headlight
Unbreakable Custom Headlight
Alcatraz Brass Motorcycle Headlight
3D Lux Motorcycle Headlight
3D XTRM Custom Motorcycle Headlight

► Adjustable triple trees – mounting instructions


39mm wide glide adjustable triple trees

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[…] 39mm Wide Glide Adjustable Triple Trees […]

[…] 39mm Wide Glide Adjustable Triple Trees […]

I’ve never seen any adjustable rake trees before.
Im curious as to how you lock the angle of desired rake.
I also didn’t see any reviews on how this design handles on the road.
Please shoot me back some info if you can.
Steve Brown

[…] and Harley Dyna models. They work great with our 39mm 39mm +4° Wide Glide Raked Triple Trees, 39mm Wide Glide Adjustable Triple Trees and 3D 39mm Wide Glide Raked Triple Trees. Wide glide wheel axle kits include motorcycle wheel […]

I want a9 or 10 degree rake for my 2002 Harley sports yet 1200 custom, is this the kit? If so how can I purchase it, need it soon !

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ triple trees

Sorry, but this item has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Thank you.

Eurocomponents, Inc.
1368 North US 1 – Suite 402
Ormond Beach, FL 32174 (USA)
Phone 386-868-0696

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