3D Cobra Headlight


This unique headlight is CNC machined with a manufacturing process which allows to cut billet aluminum with variable curving radiuses (3D machining): the result is a unique product with stunning design. The 3D Cobra headlight features super-bright H4 light bulbs. A unique product for top class custom motorcycle projects! In order to mount the 3D Cobra headlight on OEM V-Rod triple trees a specific mount must be purchased separately. Available in machined finish, polished or black.

3D Cobra Motorcycle Headlight looks great combined with our:

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3d cobra headlight 13d cobra headlight 23d cobra headlight 33d cobra headlight 43d cobra headlight 53d cobra headlight 63d cobra headlight 73d cobra headlight 83d cobra headlight 93d cobra headlight 103d cobra headlight 11

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