Red Carrera V-Rod


This stunning V-Rod has been modified with our wide range of custom parts for V-Rod’s, Night Rod’s, Street Rod’s and V-Rod Muscle’s for a unique look!

It features some of our top-selling body parts like the Grand Prix Airbox Cover for V-Rod’s and the Stealth Radiator Cover for V-Rods and stunning billet aluminum parts like the 3D Cobra Front Fork for V Rods3D Cobra Motorcycle HeadlightCut-Out Swingarm Kit for V-Rods for 280, 300, 330 or 360 TiresFront Pulley Offset Spacer for V-Rod’s for 330 TiresPulley Cover for V-Rod’sHorn Cover for V-Rod’sWater Pump for Harley-Davidson V-Rod’sCut-Out Clutch Cover for Harley V-Rod’s and Cut-Out Alternator Cover.

Red Carrera V-Rodcustom VRSCX V-Rodcustom harley VRSCAW V-Rodcustom harley VRSCB V-Rodcustom harley VRSCA V-Rod

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