Tuono Air Cleaner for Harleys


Tuono aircleaner cover was designed to allow maximum air flow to your Big Twin and to enhance performance thanks to a more effective air / fuel combustion, guaranteeing the filtration needed to protect the engine components. A special system permits to the vapors / oil to go directly inside the carburator or injection: no more obstructed and dirty filters, no more oil sketches!

Tuono aircleaner cover is machined out of billet aluminum and black anodized; it features a carbon fiber insert for a high-tech look! It looks great in conjunction with:

This high performance air cleaner cover fits several Harley Twin Cam carburator models, Harley Delphi fuel injected models and Softail Milwaukee-Eight models. Kit includes necessary hardware.

Tuono black anodized air cleaner covers do not fade over the years (they do not become grey or violet like many other black anodized components). The secret is an indelible black pigment used in the anodizing process, which does not fade even at high temperatures.

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