3D Rectangular Custom Motorcycle Mirrors


3D Rectangular mirrors are 3D machined from billet aluminum and feature a sleek and high tech design.
Stems feature a unique adjusting mechanism: once mirror is adjusted, it can be locked in position tightening the bolt that connects it to the stem. On bikes with high vibrations the mirrors will stay firm in the position you set them (while with pivot ball mirrors, mirror head tends to fall because of the vibrations). Obviously if your handlebars vibrate, the mirrors will vibrate with them.

3D Rectangular mirrors feature a convex anti-glare mirror glass.

They are available for Harley type handlebar controls as well as for metric cruisers.
A perfect match for our:

3D Rectangular black anodized mirrors do not fade over the years (they do not become grey or violet like many other black anodized components). The secret is an indelible black pigment used in the anodizing process, which does not fade even at high temperatures.

Sold individually.

► Motorcycle mirrors – mounting instructions

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