Billet Aluminum Single-Sided Swingarm Kit for 2008-17 Softail Models with 18″ Rear Wheel


This Single-Sided swingarm kit for all 2008-17 Harley Softail models is CNC machined with a manufacturing process that allows to cut billet aluminum with variable curving radiuses (3D machining). The result is a unique product with stunning design!

Kit includes: single sided swingarm, 18″ rear wheel (for 260 or 280 tires), perimeter brake system, rear pulley, secondary belt. Installation can easily be performed by any certified mechanic.

As shown on the pictures below, our Single-Sided swingarm looks great combined with our Rear Fender for 2008-17 Softail Models, GP-1 Front Fork for Harley Softail Models and 3D Eclipse Motorcycle Headlight.

A unique product for top class custom projects! Available in machined finish, polished or black. NOTE: only for 2008-17 Softail models.

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[…] The GP-1 Front Fork looks great combined with our 3D Cobra Motorcycle Headlight, 3D Motorcycle Blinkers, Radial CAN Bus Controls, 3D Blade Billet Motorcycle Mirrors, 3D Rectangular Billet Motorcycle Mirrors and Single-Sided Swingarm for Softails. […]

Can i choose custom rim if i buy the single+sided swingarm for softtail 07-17? Does it fits my rear fender for 250 tire?

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ single sided swingarm for Twin Cam Softails.

Yes, we can email you pictures of different wheel designs to choose from.
If you go for a 260 tire, your 250 tire fender should fit no problem (but in case you want to order, we will get dims from you, so you have no surprises).

Please let us know if we can be of further help.
Thank you.

Eurocomponents, Inc.
Phone 386-868-0696

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