SKU: 01-161F
hand controls RR90X radial brake master cylinder w/ brake switch for dual caliper + cable clutch w/out switch + 3-button switch clamps w/out mirror hole – red


RR90X hand controls are CNC machined out of top quality billet aluminum and feature radial master cylinders for high performance and a more progressive braking action with a smoother response. RR90X hand controls kits are available with matching cable clutch or hydraulic clutch. Radial brake master cylinders are available for single or dual front brake calipers. RR90X radial hand controls for Harley’s feature an integrated brake fluid reservoir for a super clean and compact look. Other features making these high performance hand controls unique are: ergonomic and adjustable levers, inner bushing in bronal which ensures no oscillations on the lever, brake light switch is incorporated inside the brake master cylinder. Our black anodized RR90X radial hand controls do not fade over the years (they do not become grey or violet like many other black anodized components). Our secret is an indelible black pigment we use in the anodizing process, which does not fade even at high temperatures. The same is for all other colors of the RR90X radial hand controls.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 in