Galaxy Motorcycle LED Tail Lights


Galaxy Motorcycle LED Tail Lights can be replacements for the stock Harley lights and can be installed on any chopper, bobber and most custom motorcycles. They are not bolt-on replacements and installation will require some custom fitting and modifications, but these motorcycle LED tail lights will make your custom bike stand out, giving it a unique look. Galaxy Motorcycle LED Tail Lights feature clear LED bulbs, which turn red when you brake or turn on the tail light and feature two brightness levels for run and brake light.  We also offer black tail lights for customers that prefer the “dark look”. Tail light housing is made of ABS plastic. Dimensions: outside ring 3.94″x 1.97″, inside hole 2.75″x 0.79″.

Galaxy Taillight looks great combined with our:


galaxy motorcycle led tail lights

galaxy motorcycle led tail lights

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[…] looks great combined with our  Ice Motorcycle LED Tail Lights with Billet Fender Mount and Galaxy Motorcycle LED Tail Lights. Headlamp features high beam and low beam. Candle power: one H-4 headlamp 12V 60/55W. Headlight […]

Is there a license plate provision in this tail light… Will it fit in place of an old style cats eye tail light.

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ motorcycle LED tail lights.

Sorry, but our Galaxy motorcycle LED taillight does not have any license plate provision and has a totally different shape from traditional Cat Eye tail lights.

Please let us know if we can be of further help.
Thank you and have a good day.

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