Simply The Best Custom Motorcycle

Simply The Best Custom Motorcycle tech data:

  • showbike name: simply the best custom motorcycle
  • year: 2002
  • fabrication: house of thunder
  • engine type: harley-davidson twin cam
  • aircleaner cover: one off
  • top motor mount: one off
  • coil bracket: one off
  • pipes: one off
  • transmission: harley-davidson
  • clutch: one off
  • frame type: one off softail
  • swingarm: one off (single sided)
  • rear suspension: our air-ride suspension kit for softail models
  • forks: goldammer
  • triple trees: goldammer
  • front wheel: our 3 spoke cut wheels – discontinued
  • front tire: metzeler 130/60 R18 front tire
  • rear wheel: our 3 spoke cut wheels – discontinued
  • rear tire: metzeler 240/40 R18 rear tire
  • front caliper: our hytech 6 piston caliper – discontinued
  • front rotor: our hytech ceramic brake rotor – discontinued
  • rear caliper: our hytech 6 piston caliper – discontinued
  • rear rotor: our hytech ceramic pulley-rotor kit – discontinued
  • rear pulley: our hytech ceramic pulley-rotor kit – discontinued
  • handlebars: one off
  • risers: one off
  • hand controls: one off
  • push buttons: our universal push buttons
  • throttle assembly: our motorcycle internal throttle assembly
  • mirrors: n/a
  • grips: one off
  • headlight: our 3d headlight – discontinued
  • taillight: one off
  • turn signals: n/a
  • gauges: n/a
  • gas tank: one off
  • gas cap: our pop up gas cap for weld-in tanks
  • oil tank: one off
  • front fender: one off
  • rear fender: one off
  • foot controls: one off
  • kickstand: our universal motorcycle kickstand
  • passenger pegs: n/a
  • seat: one off
  • molding: house of thunder
  • painter: house of thunder

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