3D Freestyle Custom Yamaha Roadstar Swingarm for 240 / 250 Tires

3D Freestyle Custom Yamaha Roadstar Swingarm is a bolt on replacement for the stock Yamaha Roadstar swingarm and will allow you to mount up to 250 tires in the back of your custom metric cruiser. It is CNC machined with a manufacturing process which allows to cut billet aluminum with variable curving radiuses (3D machining): the result is a unique product with stunning design. This custom Yamaha Roadstar swingarm is made to work in conjunction with our 18×9 rear wheels. For belt clearance reasons you need to install it with of our 20mm front offset pulley, so that you can keep your stock belt. Otherwise you need to cut your belt 1-1/8” wide. 3D Freestyle Custom Yamaha Roadstar Swingarm Kit includes 3D billet aluminum swingarm with hidden wheel axle, splash guard, 10″ brake rotor, billet aluminum caliper bracket for stock Roadstar caliper and necessary hardware. 20mm front offset pulley is sold separately. It works great with our Starfire Rear Fender for Yamaha Roadstar, Spooky Rear Fender for Yamaha Roadstar or Evo Rear Fender for Yamaha Roadstar.


3d freestyle custom yamaha roadstar swingarm

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What’s the total price including swing arm,rim,240 tire and offset pulley? Thanks.

Thank you for your interest in Eurocomponents’ custom Yamaha Roadstar swingarm.

For swingarm and offset pulley pricing, please click on the BUY NOW link.
As for the rim, it depends which rim you prefer (we offer different styles with different prices).

Please let us know if we can be of further help.
Thank you and have a good day.

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